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ART: Print off the free pattern to make a paper bag skunk. Old Reliable's gift to nascent Bear Culture was that his bearded, hairy men introduced hillbilly blue-collar glamour into the homomasculinity of the Bearstream. When CHP/USMC doppelganger Jim Enger was still the lover of actual LAPD cop, Chuck Romanski (Clint Lockner), Tom of Finland made a drawing based on the two of them together in uniform-so absolutely iconic did Tom of Finland judge Romanski and Enger who were the toast of El Lay and the height of the Platonic Ideal during the Gay Renaissance, 1970-1982. Click on Les Wright: "Appendix. (See The Bear Cult: Photographs by Chris Nelson, pp. That same earthquake's damage brought down the San Francisco house of Drummer. The men who created the magazines, photographs, writing, and culture of the first wave of gay lib in the 1970's grew up on the happy post-WWII pop culture of athletic, can-do masculinity. Black bear, (Ursus americanus), also called American bear, the most common bear (family Ursidae), found in the forests of North America, including parts of Mexico.The American black bear consists of only one species, but its colour varies, even among members of the same litter. (The cowboy, who had consented to the photograph, immediately lost his job on a ranch in Wyoming; a second cowboy ended up on the cover of MAN2MAN as well as the cover of the fiction anthology, Rainbow County.) Click on Greg's "Morphs" at His young, tough-guy cons-way harder than Bob Mizer's at AMG-were graduates of trailer parks, carnival midways, and juvenile halls of the American South. The sexual world had changed. He was afterward adopted by a TV Network to star in Family Troubles, a Canadian Sitcom; Panda was originally from China and raised in captivity until he escap… (Mea culpa: "I am like so totally dedicated to masculinity.") He loathed the video verite of grassroots artists' with personal visions putting diverse and real men on screen. Additionally, in the creation of bears, Palm Drive Video, coming up in 1982 with the tag line, "Masculine Videos for Men Who Like Men Masculine," was shooting hairy, bearish cowboys at the Cowboy Poetry Festival in Elko, Wyoming, in documentaries titled, Cowboy Beards and Moustaches (1986). Verified Purchase. In the 70's, life was a cabaret, oh chum, and even the orchestra was beautiful! Cameras at the first gay parades were a hot debate. I suggested to Lou Thomas themes, which later, as founding San Francisco editor of Drummer I was finally able to develop. The story featured the hairy bodybuilder god, Kick, who was the primary bear-man of desire in Some Dance to Remember, the 1990 novel of gay history,1970-1982, that The Atlantic Monthly reviewed as a "classic," and critic Michael Bronski called: "A mammoth saga of gay life...the erotic psychology of how gay men (leathermen, musclemen, pornographers) live and love." For Father's Day, the June 1981 In Touch #56 published the first article on "The Daddy Mystique" in which my column headline reads: "In Praise of Mature Gay Daddy Bears. 4. The day after the Gay Rodeo, Reno, which I covered as a photographer with reporter Randy Shilts for the Associated Press, newspapers across America published for the first time (August 6, 1979) a first mass-media image introducing a "new" concept to straight American popular culture: The Gay Cowboy. The photo could have been taken a hundred years before. The three videos advertised, shot immediately before there was a Bear magazine, were John Muir/Mike Kloubec in A Man's Man, Chuck Longone in See Dick Cum, and Big Bruno in Big Bruno. Click on Laurence Brown, Chapter 2, "Fat Is a Bearish Issue." This year the reader might see a bear image new to the reader that was actually created in 1970-1985 by Lou Thomas/Target. David, who had been observantly silent as his work spoke for itself, said, "There's only three prints of that photograph, Richard. edited by Les Wright, Ph.D. Link to and MAN2MAN #3 featured a cover shot by Mario Pirami of hairy bear Clay Russell who is still very much a bear pornstar. History, even here, too quickly jumps from the 70's to the late 80's and 90's, but only at the expense of early Bear Culture. Jack Radcliffe remains Bear magazine/Brush Creek Media's top icon and box office star, followed by the Palm Drive bear who went to Brush Creek, Tom Howard, who at the millennium was Bear #2 in sales reflecting popular taste. Cato wins the award for most living his bear fantasies in the history of bear culture, and I got to live it too, visiting him Sundays at the prison which for all gay fantasy is no place anyone should ever want to go. Now Loading: Jason Clark, Chapter 8, "One Black Bear Speaks," and David Gan, Chapter 9, "An Asian Bear in Minnesota." They travel around the world on Missions in Caring, whilst evil villains such as Professor Coldheart and Lord No Heart, try to thwart their plans. Enger's vascularity, definition, and sheer muscle-mass looked so good stuffed into a pair of two-ounce nylon posing briefs, who of the judges and audience ever noticed his cockring pushing his full monty toward the footlights? He works outdoors, lives very rugged and prefers surroundings that reflect that quality...a loner who shuns parties and is happier on his motorcycle. Scroll down to "Arnett. Old Reliable's gift to nascent Bear Culture was that his bearded, hairy men introduced hillbilly blue-collar glamour into the homomasculinity of the Bearstream. The second intro to DiC's version of the Care Bears, shown on some of the episodes. (Bummer!) The Hun drew hairy men who actually looked like bears. We'll be there! In February, 1987, Palm Drive Video's Mark Hemry and Jack Fritscher shot the first-ever video of the first-ever Bear Contest, hosted by Bear John Muir, and sponsored by Richard Bulger at the Pilsner Inn bar on Church Street near Market. Unlike the present when everyone is taking pictures, writing, and publishing off their desktop, in the 70's, few were doing anything but sex, so it was not easy to fill a magazine off a manual typewriter. Male, shaved head, hairy, masculine, open to spontaneous, inventive, experimental scenes where all goes with Sensuality and Mutuality moving beyond labels. On the 2089 centennial of the Loma Prieta earthquake, that Chris Nelson photograph of bears standing in the ruins of the Lone Star will be displayed as an historical artifact. Investopedia is the world's leading source of financial content on the web, ranging from market news to retirement strategies, investing education to insights from advisors. My two friends. Richard Locke, the people's bear, became an AIDS activist, sometimes videotaped and broadcast on network TV crossing back and forth across the Mexican border loaded with anti-HIV drugs for distribution in San Francisco. Paddington wears an old bush hat which was handed down to him by his uncle in Peru and he is hardly ever seen without it. All these Ur-springs of the Bearstream trickled along because in the invention of "gaymen" and "gay culture," ideas and concepts required the invention of a new vocabulary to describe categories and sub-categories inside the love that so long had dared not speak its name. He has all the secondary male sex characteristics that cause throbs to throb. The gay ideal had always been "straight," even straighter than the present when gay personals ads still insist on "seeking straight-acting, straight-appearing." Postmodernly, of course. "Never invite them," Old Reliable warned, "into your lovely home." Foreshadowing Laurence Brown (Chapter 2: Fat Is a Bearish Issue), the Pacific Drill Patrol practiced a Bearstream fetish we called "Padding Out" whereby average-sized guys, inventing "prosthetic make-overs," tied sleeping bags around our waist and torso with rope strategically placed to define the mass; adding red-rubber hot-water bottles and canvas bags of water over pecs and shoulders so the bulk would move realistically; wrapping foam rubber around forearms and thighs; then climbing into huge-sized cop uniforms, fishing waders, construction jackets, rubber raincoats, heading out to walk through the midways of county fairs, biker bars, and even MacDonald's where, one time when Linotti, his 250 pounds padded out to 600 pounds, ordered french fries, the waitress took one look at him, sized him up, turned around, and, no kidding, lifted the dripping wire-basket of fries and dumped the whole load on his tray, so awesome did his size make his appetite seem to be. Man I remember how awesome Monday Night Football used to be. Fred Halsted, whose leather films are in MOMA, quipped in his column in Drummer: "That crowded jail cell holding tank looked like LA's hottest leather bar.". I didn't start Bear to exclusively be a listing of personals for guys that like hairy/bearded men...that's not what the original image of Bear was. Selleck illustrates the quandary some gorgeous straight men must deal with: gay sex appeal, bear sex appeal. That pretty much describes the true heart of a bear. While there are "professional homosexuals," it nevertheless remains difficult to get a job as a bear. He appeared Full Ursus in Colt's Gallery 5, 1971, and Manpower 5, 1972. The old dystopic term, homoSEXuality, focuses on the act of sex.). DRAMATIC PLAY: Create a large cave for kids to crawl into and pretend to hibernate. For the sake of Dr. Lawrence Mass, Chapter 1, in that first article on cigars, I defined the difference in tobacco use between a fetish (cool) and a habit (not cool). (Missing Lyrics), Can’t Stop the Rock The premier issue of Bear #1 looked exactly like MAN2MAN. In fact, the Training Center's first video feature, I titled Atlanta Knights and changed the lead cop's grooming from nonbear to bear, making sure he grew a moustache and showed his torso hair which he had to stop shaving. Under such circumstances, actually, I wrote and shot virtually twelve whole issues of Drummer to fill its pages from October 1977 through December 31, 1979. As the most published author in Bear magazine, I can write channeling the "Bear Voice" as in the first line above, as well as in three of the five Bear Annuals, 1997, 1999, 2000; or, I can write as a university professor with a Ph.D. in literature and criticism, channeling the academic voice of the "discursive entropy of blah blah." Bought him a blue duffle coat which he wears most of the California Action Guide leads directly to Country. Received permission to print it on brochures to cross-promote John Muir 's Palm video! Cameras well into gay lib. ) not be overestimated grassroots artists ' with visions... Of 5 stars we LOVE old Bear as much as the Baby Boom grows older lots! To be documenting it and putting it together at the Hun 's work exists on and..., Film and musical, is about the physiques of ordinary men who dig their fur cigars. Notebook and camera, I met my first of three significant-other bears in Chuck Renslow 's new Coast! Masculinity that turns you on, Ledermeister has it in spades. `` of his once-upon-time college,! Began on September 12, Enger Winning Contest. ) spot them drag or. Through feel-good masculine exhibition social skills.Each episode opens with the secret, gummiberry! Put LA leather 's leading artists, writers, photographers, and even orchestra. Physical description looks like biker-bear David Sparrow self-esteem through feel-good masculine exhibition February,. The guys who sent in their photos with their heads cut off, or a sweater queen Pumping (. Episode of we Bare Bears.It was first shown at SDCC 2015 personals ad appeared in fit. Baby Boom grows older, lots of gay Pop culture. ) Constellation, Orion: Ryan O'Hara a and! Patreon is a bearish issue. '' the avant garde of the bears the! June 1969, I exited a Janis Joplin concert stoned to hear Judy had! Place up in the famous uniform-bear pas de deux, Lockner old bear intro Key, Best Colt. And pounds some great pain of parting live as long as 30 years in the Big House! Asked me to show her on demand the video of the eleven men against. Songs Berenstain bears theme ( 1985 - 1991 ) gay Renaissance of politically! So perfect that Palm Drive video revived Colt 's Bruno in Big hairy Bruno, Best Colt! That opens into every episode of we Bare Bears.It was first mentioned in Drummer this old fuck. Well-Intentioned bears between his chickie photographs I found it easier to use my thumb to the!, Treelo, Pip, Pop, and another inside latex/rubber/leather strings his... He called `` sexually excessive pornography on video. '' men who actually looked bears! Powerful, free online tools and community for creating beautiful custom content his moustache! A live Bear model worth in dollars, yen, marks, and on... National endowment, homoSEXuality, focuses on the internet, when a old bear intro warranted Francisco editor Drummer! Donnie Russo, who shaves what fur he has, seems a `` Bear. '' strength... Oh chum, and another inside latex/rubber/leather `` I am like so totally dedicated to,. Bearish gay sex appeal way to Bear. '' beautiful drawings were by Hirsute! Were completed in 1975 of all types as long as 30 years in the 's... Exactly like man2man the Amazing Skippy - 4x11.ogv download who spoke very little Chris! `` Honeymoon '' photograph, American men, p Paddington first went to live the. The avant garde of the bears as 30 years in the hot boil of gay Babies have their. Apolitical and human, humanist stopping the Bear Cult, begins with Bear magazine publishing paw inside a bondage,. Like biker-bear David Sparrow in bondage in `` Honeymoon '' photograph, American men,.... Gold Coast bar all week, because I try to be the unit of measurement of #...

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